Intelligent lighting "undercurrent surging"

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Sep 29, 2023

Intelligent lighting "undercurrent surging"

Under the joint influence of multiple factors such as continuous technological upgrades and changes in consumer attitudes, the sales of devices related to intelligence have gradually become popular. Smart home products that can bring convenience and comfort to people have gradually entered thousands of households and penetrated into people's daily lives. In this context, the smart home industry is becoming increasingly popular and has achieved rapid development.

Among them, intelligent lighting, as an important component of smart homes, has also entered the fast lane of development. According to statistics from the China Academy of Commerce and Industry, the intelligent lighting industry has developed rapidly since 2017, and the market size has increased from 14.7 billion yuan in 2017 to 39.8 billion yuan in 2022, with an annual compound growth rate of 22.04%, showing a relatively high growth trend. The intelligent lighting industry, which contains enormous development potential, has long had players stationed here. In addition to intelligent lighting enterprises, traditional lighting enterprises and smart home enterprises also frequently emerge.

Traditional lighting enterprises: paving the way with experience

In recent years, digital and intelligent transformation has gradually become the mainstream trend for enterprises in various industries, and the lighting industry has also gradually entered a new stage of development. At the same time, major traditional lighting companies have also begun to actively transform and make efforts towards intelligent lighting. Lei Shi Lighting established three major research and development directions in 2021: intelligent lighting, health lighting, and integrated lighting. Coincidentally, Oupu Lighting is also continuously expanding into the field of intelligent lighting. The reason why traditional lighting companies are rushing to explore the field of intelligent lighting is related to multiple factors.

Firstly, traditional lighting enterprises are leveraging their intelligent lighting business to cultivate new growth points. With the improvement of people's pursuit of quality of life, they have also put forward higher requirements for home experience. Traditional lighting equipment can no longer meet their needs, and intelligent and personalized products are more favored. Therefore, more and more consumers are willing to try intelligent lighting products to improve their quality of life and enhance their home experience. As consumers' acceptance of intelligent lighting products gradually increases, the potential of the intelligent lighting industry will also be further unleashed. Traditional lighting enterprises' efforts in intelligent lighting not only conform to the current development trend, but also cultivate new growth curves.

Secondly, traditional lighting enterprises have rich experience in product manufacturing, which can provide assistance for the launch of their intelligent lighting products. Most traditional lighting enterprises have been deeply engaged in the lighting field for many years, accumulating rich production and manufacturing experience. Although the biggest feature of intelligent lighting products is intelligence, product quality is always the core, so production and manufacturing are also particularly important links. The production and manufacturing experience accumulated by traditional lighting enterprises over the years can also be applied to intelligent lighting products, which can to some extent shorten the time for research and development and production of their intelligent lighting products.

Thirdly, traditional lighting enterprises have established comprehensive offline channels, which can be relied on to accelerate the promotion of their intelligent lighting products. For intelligent lighting products, a sense of experience is particularly important, and offline stores can serve as important scenes to provide more realistic and intuitive intelligent lighting experiences for interested users.

Traditional lighting companies have been laying out their channels for many years and have established a comprehensive network of channels. Based on this, traditional lighting companies can also provide consumers with an immersive smart home experience by opening intelligent experience areas in offline stores and other means, thereby stimulating their purchasing enthusiasm. For example, Oupu Lighting is gradually establishing intelligent experience zones to bring consumers a more intuitive experience. It is understood that Oupu Lighting has developed over 150 whole house intelligent experience halls and nearly a thousand joint exhibition areas.

Intelligent Lighting Enterprises: Technical Support

In the field of intelligent lighting, in addition to the active participation of traditional lighting companies, many intelligent lighting brands have also emerged, such as Yilai. Professional intelligent lighting brands, although not as rich in resource accumulation as traditional lighting brands, also have unique advantages.

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