Three Acquisition Cases Reproduced in LED Lighting Field

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Sep 29, 2023

Three Acquisition Cases Reproduced in LED Lighting Field

Due to changes in the market environment and competitive landscape, there have been frequent cases of asset sales in the LED lighting industry in recent years. From internationally renowned lighting giants such as Osram, Royal Philips, CREE, GE, and Panasonic, more and more well-known brands have successively or partially withdrawn from this stage. The withdrawal of these enterprises has increased the concentration of the LED lighting market, which is beneficial for enterprises with a certain scale and comparative advantage. Against the backdrop of the LED lighting market still having room for growth, these resourceful enterprises are constantly acquiring valuable assets to rapidly expand their business scale and market share.

Among them, Signify Xinnuofei has become a vivid example. Since 2017, Xinnuofei has launched an extension merger and acquisition strategy and has completed more than 10 acquisitions, covering intelligent lighting, intelligent control technology, intelligent control systems related to intelligent interconnection, as well as lighting subdivision fields such as animal and plant lighting, outdoor landscape, and building lighting. It has seized the development opportunities of niche markets, continuously expanding its business footprint, and the effects brought by these assets are also significant. Xinnuofei has admitted that it will continue to implement the strategy of outward mergers and acquisitions in the future. As mentioned, the company has recently acquired lighting related assets.

Signify acquires assets from the original Panasonic lighting accessory factory

On October 10th, foreign media reported that Xinnuofei had acquired the assets of Douglas Lighting Controls, Inc. (DLC), a lighting accessory factory under Panasonic.

Douglas Lighting Controls mainly produces control systems and end-to-end energy-saving digital lighting control solutions, targeting application scenarios such as commercial buildings, schools, and comprehensive sports venues. It is reported that in its final fiscal year, Douglas Lighting Controls achieved revenue of CAD 25 million.

It is understood that Douglas Lighting Controls (DLC) and Universal Lighting Technologies (ULT) were originally two lighting accessory factories under Panasonic. In March 2021, global private investment company Atar Capital acquired these two companies and renamed them Universal Douglas Lighting Americas, Inc. (UDLA). In January 2022, UDLA announced its renaming to Universal Douglas, officially merging the two companies.

According to foreign media reports, in March 2023, Atar Capital suddenly closed Universal Douglas, while Xinnuofei purchased some assets of Douglas Lighting Controls for $250000, including patents, brand trademarks, and product designs. The specific situation is as follows.

Patents: Xinnuofei has acquired 10 patents held by Douglas Lighting Controls, which mainly focus on innovative technologies and methods in the field of lighting control, covering occupancy sensors, lighting control systems, etc.

Three Acquisition Cases Reproduced in LED Lighting Field


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